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Colourblindness simulation:

Harding Flash and Pattern Analysis:
Test videos for triggering photosensitive epilepsy seizures.




Dating sites:

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Location-based sites, virtual tours:

Subscription box sales:


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Beginner WordPress videos from WordCamp:

Beginner marketing videos from WordCamp:

Learn WordPress:

Learn WordPress and WooCommerce:

Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (video series)

One-hour video introduction to the Weebly website builder

WordPress for Drupal developers:


Client relationship videos from WordCamp:

Contracts videos from WordCamp:

Customer support videos from WordCamp:

Estimating articles from TutsPlus:

Law videos from WordCamp:

Pricing videos from WordCamp:

Project Management videos from WordCamp:

Starting a Business video series

Starting a Business:

Starting a Technology Business:

Stress and burnout:


Auto-publish commissioned articles:

Business blogging videos from WordCamp:

Content curation videos from WordCamp:

Content strategy videos from WordCamp:

Crowdsourced design:

Crowdsourced writing:

Newsletter content for vertical markets:

Professional Writers Association of Canada:


Association of Registered Graphic Designers:

Bad design videos from

Canva Design School:

WordCamp video: Design Survival Kit for Non-Designers
Based on the book: The Non-designer’s Design Book (4th Edition)

Designing for Trust: Building Confidence in Your Website

Design patterns tested for marketing conversion:

Persuasive design:

Rapid prototyping:

Email Marketing

Auto-generate a newsletter from new posts with MailChimp:

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL):

CASL compliance in MailChimp:

Test email display on apps and devices:


Conversion videos from WordCamp:
Conversion is about getting people to buy.

Marketing videos from WordCamp:

Mobile marketing:

Marketing Education for Free

Learn affiliate network management (as a merchant):

Learn affiliate fraud prevention:

Learn Business to Business (B2B) sales: CEB Challenger Sale

Learn Business to Business (B2B) sales: Alinean Value Selling

Learn Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing:

Learn Content Marketing: Content Marketing Institute How-To Guides

Learn coupon fraud prevention:

Learn crowdfunding:

Learn eBay marketing:

Learn eCommerce:

Learn email marketing:

Learn email marketing:
Course videos

Learn Facebook advertising:
Course videos

Learn keyword research:

Learn multi-vendor marketplaces:

Learn online marketing:
Specialists in marketing automation

Learn online marketing:
Specialists in keyword research

Learn online marketing:
Specialists in content marketing

Learn online marketing:
Specialists in conversion

Learn online marketing:

Learn pricing psychology:

Learn raffles:

Learn social media marketing:

Learn social media marketing:

Learn subscription marketing:

Learn subscription box marketing:

Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising:

Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising:

Marketing Tactics

Addiction: Why are some apps so addictive?

Brand Archetypes

Brand Archetypes: detailed descriptions

Brand Archetypes: How cosmetics brands use the 12 brand archetypes (1 hr video)

Buyer’s Remorse: why vendor lock-in increases customer satisfaction.

Choice: Why offering too many options reduces sales

Choice: how adding an undesirable option can guide customer choice

Evergreen content instead of The Content Hamster Wheel of Death

Free Trial vs. Money-back Guarantee

Persuasion: Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion

Persuasion: 5 Psychological Principles Of Persuasive Product Design

Quizzes:   [Video]

Self-identity messages convert better that goal-achievement messages

Self-image information products and formula products do better than goal products

Unique marketing insights videos

Value proposition statement for information products

Viral: Why things go viral


Dave Thomas: What Agile development actually means.

Find any website’s Customer Service contact info:
They will contact Customer Service for you for $15 USD.

Find out what technology a particular website uses:

Book: The Art of Explanation:

Collection of computer-related articles

Plagiarism Detection



Plugin Development

Plugin development videos from WordCamp:

Piklist plugin framework:
Videos from WordCamp:

WordPress Boilerplate plugin framework,
Videos from WordCamp:

Introduction to APIs:

Introduction to plugin development:

WooCommerce plugin development documentation:

WooCommerce plugin framework from SkyVerge:


Laptop video port activation chart:

Regulations by industry

Multi-Level Marketing

Nutraceuticals: Advertising | Manufacture & Import


Define your business idea:
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Validate your business idea:

Web requirements questionnaire

Logo requirements questionnaire

Plugin feature comparisons:

Requirements videos from WordCamp:

Requirements articles:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Accessibility effect on SEO:

Learn SEO:

Learn SEO:

Local business directories in Canada:

Local business SEO tutorial

Support Outsourcing

Reseller hosting with end-user support:

WordPress support:

WordPress support:

WordPress support:


Animated character explainer videos:

Explainer video library and editor:

Video production tips

Whiteboard explainer videos:

Whiteboard explainer videos: