The problem

Administrator Needs Help

When your network administrator needs help, whom do they call? How long do they have to wait? How much does that call cost? How much does the waiting time cost your business in lost time?

Internet goes down

It happens. That means no email, no online backup, no VoIP phones.

Server software fails

You might not even notice at first, but small problems can grow into big problems before you even know what happened.

Backup fails silently

How do you know your scheduled backup runs every night? If it doesn’t, you only think you have a backup.

Forget to update anti-virus

Anti-virus software updates automatically (until the subscription runs out). Do you know when your subscription will run out? Has it already? If it has, there may be a virus infection in your immediate future.

Need to use MS Office better

Almost everyone uses MS Office, but many of us just know the minimum to get by. There just isn’t time to read manuals or attend classes.

Software security vulnerability

Software contains bugs. Some of these create security vulnerabilities in your network. Software makers provide security updates to fix these. Do you keep these security updates up-to-date? How do you know? If you don’t, the bad people get in.

Backup stolen with server

When burglars ransacked your office, they took everything that looked shiny and electronic (they’re not picky). Unfortunately this included your server and your backup device. Guess what? You now have no data (and probably no business).

Users need help

What do your people do when they run into a computer problem? Figure it out themselves? How much work time is that wasting? Maybe they ask others for help. Now they’re wasting even more people’s time. Where does this time go? Have a look at your overtime budget. That’s where. After exhausting all other options, maybe they call in a computer consultant who charges hourly. Now they have to wait for management spending approval, which may take some doing as they are requesting an unknown amount of money.


 Better IT Support

Old Way

Better Way

Putting out fires

You call computer support, and they come as fast as they can to solve your problem.

Preventing fires

You chose equipment with reliability in mind and monitor it remotely for the first sign of trouble. If a problem comes up, you fix it remotely.

Surprise support bills

Paying for support hourly means you never know how much it will cost, and staff may just muddle through to save money, sacrificing productivity

Predictable support bills

Paying a flat rate for unlimited support means you can budget your support costs, so staff will use support when they need it.

Maintenance if you get around to it

All those updates and system checks that keep things running smoothly. Maybe they happen, maybe they don’t.

Maintenance automation

Maintenance gets done.

Tape backup

You know that tape you took off-site for safe keeping? How old is it? Is it the right one?

Online backup

You know your data is safely backed up off-site.

Data backup

Traditional backup makes a copy of all data, but it can still take a long time to prepare a new server before the data can be restored.

Rapid recovery

Image backup makes a copy of everything on the server making rapid recovery possible on the same server or a new one.




Proactive Support
Automatically monitor servers and fix problems before users are affected
Windows Security Updates
Preventive Maintenance
Prevent problems from happening in the first place
Application Security Updates
Rapid Recovery
Back up a complete image of the server drives to a local backup drive and to the cloud. The system can be restored quickly to the same or replacement server.
Anti-virus Preventive Maintenance
Security Updates Data Backup (Laptops)
Unlimited 24×7 Phone Support
Unlimited 24×7 MS Office Tutorials