Prevent surprise hardware service costs

Computer hardware breakdowns can be expensive to fix. Some computer components, such as motherboards and laptop screens can cost more to replace than buying a new computer. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is the labour cost of the technician to replace the part. The other is that service parts are expensive for manufacturers to keep in inventory. They need to be kept in stock for rapid shipment, and they just sit in the warehouse waiting to be needed, like the spare tire in a car. This compares with sales stock items that are only stocked if they can be sold quickly.

Best Practice

The cure for the repair cost surprise is the hardware warranty. It is not difficult to find computers with 3-year warranties. This can be especially effective when combined with a 3-year lease. It means that you will always have a computer that is covered under warranty. When evaluating warranties, note whether it is an on-site warranty (a technician is sent to your office) or a depot warranty (you must send the computer to the manufacturer). There is also a special case with laptops. If you travel with your laptop and you cannot wait until returning home to get it repaired, you will need to make sure you have an international warranty.