Increase law firm revenue with billing automation

Problem and Impact

For a small firm or solo lawyer, the time spent creating bills is time that is not being billed to clients. Because of workloads and time constraints, firms will sometimes delay sending out bills for many months after a matter has closed. This can badly affect the firm’s cash flow.

A related problem is the delay in recording time as a matter is worked. If you wait until the end of the week or longer to record your time, you are relying on your memory for an accurate record. The longer the delay in time recording, the more items you will forget, and the more you will reduce your revenue.


Legal case management software can automate both the time recording and billing processes, resulting in fewer forgotten time recordings and more on-time client billings. While there are programs that do only time recording and billing, case management usually includes additional features, such as contact management, document management, and calendaring.

More Information

See this American Bar Association article for a comparison of available case management software.

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