How to send web articles to your Kobo e-reader

It’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of reading articles on the web, with each article having links to more. Before you know it, precious hours have been diverted from important tasks. For others, reading at a computer feels awkward. Whatever your situation, why not send web articles to your e-reader?

Sending articles from the web to a Kobo e-reader is fairly straightforward. You will need a Kobo e-reader and a free Pocket account from

  1. Log in and set up your free Pocket account at
  2. Install the Pocket extension for your web browser.
  3. From the Kobo home screen, select: Library > Articles from Pocket.
  4. You will be prompted to log in to your Pocket account the first time.

Approximately 10% of web pages will fail to transfer from your Pocket account to your Kobo. Pocket support has said this is a limitation of their technology, which they are working to improve.
Amazon, the makers of the Kindle e-reader, have a way to send web pages to a Kindle, but I have not tested it.