How to install antivirus software in Windows Vista

  • First, check your antivirus status.
  • This tutorial assumes that there is no antivirus software already installed.
  • There are many good antivirus products available. For demonstration purposes, we will use the free Microsoft Security Essentials
  • We will use the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. The process will appear slightly different if you use a different web browser.
  1. Click the down-arrow if Malware protections shows: Check settings
  2. Click: Find a program
  3. Scroll down
  4. Click: Microsoft Security Essentials
  5. Click: Download Now
  6. Click: Save
  7. Wait for security scan
  8. Click: Run
  9. Click: Next
  10. Click: I accept
  11. Select: Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program (optional)
  12. Click: Next
  13. Click: Next
  14. Click: Install
  15. Wait for the process to complete
  16. Click: Restart now
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How to use Windows Mail with Gmail in Windows Vista

  1. Open Windows Mail
  2. Click: Tools
  3. Click: Accounts
  4. Click: Add
  5. Select: Email Account
  6. Click: Next
  7. Enter your name as you wanted it displayed in email.
  8. Click: Next
  9. Enter your Gmail address.
  10. Click: Next
  11. Click: POP3
  12. Click: IMAP
  13. Set incoming server to:
  14. Set outgoing server to:
  15. Check: Outgoing server requires authentication
  16. Click: Next
  17. Enter your Gmail address your E-mail username.
  18. Enter your Gmail password.
  19. Click: Next
  20. Check: Do not download my e-mail and folders at this time
  21. Click: Finish
  22. Select the account you just created.
  23. Click: Properties
  24. Click: Advanced
  25. Check: This server requires a secure connection (SSL) (under: Outgoing mail (SMTP))
  26. Set Outgoing mail (SMTP) to: 587
  27. Check: This server requires a secure connection (SSL) (under: Incoming mail (IMAP))
  28. Set Incoming mail (IMAP) to: 993
  29. Click: OK
  30. Click: Close
  31. Click: Yes
  32. Wait for folders to download.
  33. Click: OK
  34. Uncheck: All messages (opposite the [Gmail] folder)
  35. Click: Inbox (under
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