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Prevent surprise hardware service costs

Computer hardware breakdowns can be expensive to fix. Some computer components, such as motherboards and laptop screens can cost more to replace than buying a new computer. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is the labour cost of the technician to replace the part. The other is that service parts are expensive […]

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Mistake: Let your technology environment evolve on its own

It’s so easy to just add a new PC or piece of network equipment as needed and be done with it. Life goes on, and you’re okay (for now).  The problem is that as you continuously do this, your technology environment grows into an unmanageable hodge-podge. Offices often try to add new equipment and find […]

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Mistake: Leaving people’s obligations unclear

Many IT departments have trouble getting support for measures they take to keep things running smoothly and securely. A typical example is a security measure where users are required to have passwords of a particular length and to change them regularly. This may increase the security of the organization, but it causes inconvenience for users. […]

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Mistake: assign everything technology-related to IT

It can be tempting to give responsibility for any initiative involving technology to the IT department. For example, this often happens with websites and social media initiatives. However, these are communications technologies. The purpose is communication, but the method is technology. When the IT department is running an initiative, the purpose can become secondary to […]

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Mistake: Buying technology because it’s trendy

This is the flip side of the technology laggards who consider technology a necessary evil. Buying a particular technology because it has a lot of media buzz is the cause of much friction between technology managers and senior executives. It is difficult to show value for money spent. Best Practices Have a technology plan that […]

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