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How to install Microsoft Office 2010

  1. Either insert the DVD or open the install file (depending on how you received Microsoft Office) and wait for the files to extract.
  2. Enter your product key code.
  3. Click: Continue
  4. Check: I accept the terms of this agreement
  5. Click: Continue
  6. Click: Customize
  7. Click the box next to Microsoft Access.
  8. Click: Not Available
  9. Click the box next to Microsoft InfoPath.
  10. Click: Not Available
  11. Click the box next to Microsoft OneNote.
  12. Click: Not Available
  13. Click the box next to Microsoft Publisher.
  14. Click: Not Available
  15. Click the box next to Microsoft SharePoint Workspace.
  16. Click: Not Available
  17. Click the box next to Microsoft Visio Viewer.
  18. Click: Not Available
  19. Click: Install Now
  20. Wait for the application to install.
  21. Click: Close

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How to set up Outlook without email support

  1. Outlook may start as a result of opening a file, otherwise start outlook manually.
  2. Click: next
  3. Select: No
  4. Click: [Next >]
  5. Check: [x] Continue with no e-mail support.
  6. Click: [Finish]
  7. Select: Use Recommended Settings
  8. Click: [OK]

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Resources for Law Firms

This is not, and never will be, a complete list. For that please see under Recommended Reading below. If you have questions about or assistance with this topic, please contact us

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