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Windows troubleshooting checklists

Before you call technical support, try these Windows basic troubleshooting checklists.

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How to fix common problems in Windows 7

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How to turn off Windows pop-ups during presentations

Have you ever given a slide presentation and had Windows pop-up messages notify you of emails or system events? You can temporarily turn these notifications off using Windows Presentations Settings. Click: Start > Run Type: presentationsettings exe Click: presentationsettings.exe Select: I am currently giving a presentation Click: OK You will see an icon in the […]

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Learn technology for free provides free oneline technology tutorials. Subjects include Computer Basics, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Macintosh, Mobile Devices, and more.

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Find a Customer Service contact for any website

Have you noticed how frustrating it is trying to find Customer Service contact formation for websites and online services? Get Human has a list of contacts, and will even deal with Customer Service for you for $15 USD.

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How to send web articles to your Kobo e-reader

It’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of reading articles on the web, with each article having links to more. Before you know it, precious hours have been diverted from important tasks. For others, reading at a computer feels awkward. Whatever your situation, why not send web articles to your e-reader? Sending articles […]

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How to recover from the Windows 10 drive-by upgrade

The Windows 10 automatic upgrade period will end on 29 July 2016. Before that, you may find that your computer has automatically upgraded to Windows 10, whether you wanted it to or not. If you find yourself in this situation, you can uninstall Windows 10, and revert back to your old operating system. Option 1: […]

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How to fix common problems in Window Vista

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How to fix performance problems in Window Vista

  1. Set a System Restore point
  2. Check the computer’s antivirus status
  3. Run fewer programs at startup
  4. Run Disk Cleanup
  5. Run Disk Defragmenter
  6. Turn off visual effects
  7. Disable the indexing service

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How to disable the indexing service in Windows Vista

  1. Click: Start
  2. Click: Control Panel
  3. a. Click: Uninstall a program (if Control Panel is set to Control Panel Home)
    b. Double-click: Programs and Features (if Control Panel is set to Classic View)
  4. Click: Turn Windows features on or off
  5. Click: Continue
  6. Wait for the process to complete
  7. Uncheck: Indexing Service
  8. Click: OK
  9. Wait for the process to complete
  10. Wait some more (it really hasn’t crashed)
  11. Click: Restart Now

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